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UK company on “high demand” for printing and copying

January 24, 2017

printers in warehouseUnique Copiers believes “there’s still a high demand” for printers and copiers despite technological innovations.

Shropshire Live reported on the company, based in Telford, Shropshire, which believes that there remains a “high demand for paper printers and copiers” despite the recent “technological revolution” reported in Holland last year, which softly burns paper using lasers and “will not need ink or toner”. The site noted that the Dutch project “could well be the next evolution in printing and may be available commercially within the next couple of years”.

Unique Copier’s Managing Director Adrian Casey pointed out that the development “highlights the ever-changing world of technology within the industry but also shows that copiers are here to stay”, adding that “Unique Copiers has more than 20 years experience in photocopying, and we have seen so many changes and upgrades during that period. The idea of soft burning looks like it is finally becoming a reality and could form the basis of the next generation of copiers”.

He added that the technology “will bring many advantages. The new copier will not require an ink or toner cartridge so will be more cost effective, the general working of the printer will improve and the benefits to the environment will be huge. Billions of pounds worth of these cartridges are sold each year, but it is estimated that less than 30 per cent can be recycled and it takes about 450 years for them to be totally decomposed”.

He believes that his company “continues to be at the forefront of the industry in offering the very best products and services to our customers. We are able to bring our wealth of experience to bear in making sure our clients remain ahead of the field. When this new innovation comes out we will embrace it and be in a position to supply and service it.”

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