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UK Company lands lunar contract that’s out of this world

April 1, 2012

UK printer cartridge company Cartridge Express Recycling Ltd has secured an exclusive contract to supply ink cartridges to future settlements on the Moon in partnership with NASA Lunar Living Inc.

Michael Harrison, Managing Director of Cartridge Express Recycling commented:”We have been working on our zero gravity ink cartridge system for some time now, AGICS or Anti Gravity Ink Cartridge System has been in development for five long years under total secrecy, and securing the exclusive long term contract with NASA Lunar Living is tribute to all the hard work put in by our development team both here in the UK and at the Kennedy Space centre, US.

“To be the first company to supply printer consumables to settlements on the Moon is a true honour, and we are proud to be a part of such an exciting project.”

The contract was signed today at NASA Lunar Living HQ in Florida, US; the actual value of the contract is a closely guarded secret.

Nigel Armstrong from NASA Lunar Living added: “The concept that Cartridge Express Recycling has delivered is perfect for our Lunar utilities, they have solved a problem as standard ink cartridges just would not print under the outer space conditions.”

NASA Lunar Living Inc is at the forefront of the race to build settlements on the Moon as a staging post for space living and travel. President Barrack Obama has recently pledged “any amount needed” to ensure that the United States is on the leading edge of the planned Lunar towns due to be constructed in late 2013, the project has attracted interest from big companies interested in supplying the Lunar settlements, it has been said that Sir Richard Branson’s  Virgin Space Travel, Google and Amazon have pledged an interest so too has McDonald’s, Tesco and Pizza Hut but no one at these organisations were available to comment today.

Harrison added: “We have had interest in AGICS from  Russia and SPACE India which is good news for the company, we are looking forward to working with Nigel Armstrong, Bert Aldridge and the team, it really is exciting times at the moment.”

Cartridge Express Recycling Ltd is looking for sponsorship so any companies or entrepreneurs interested in a lucrative sponsorship deal should contact us via email no later than midday 1st April 2012.

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