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UK cartridge supplier signs data deal

February 23, 2017

CTS Toner Supplies (CTS) will partner with FusionPlus Data to make product information available.

Dealer Support reported that CTS “has become the latest company” to partner with FusionPlus Data to “make its full set of product information available through its data platform”, with the move set to “enable dealers and retailers to integrate enriched product content into their back-office and e-commerce systems for the 3,500-plus SKUs CTS offers”.

CTS’ range includes both copier and laser printer toner cartridges as well as inkjet cartridges for printers and franking machines, “hand-held printer tape cassettes, labels, ribbons and solid ink, packaging materials and most recently paper”. It also provides a “completely brand-agnostic MPS solution” called Paperchain.

Steve Clayton, Managing Director of CTS, stated: “Linking up with FusionPlus Data made excellent commercial sense for us. We have worked together to develop an extended e-catalogue which includes product images, marketing text and filterable attributes that conform to industry standards. This is now available to over 1000 dealers directly via mainstream back-office and e-commerce solution providers including Prima, Heart, Oasis, CommercExchange and Evolution, and directly from CTS, on request.

“Having the functionality to export our catalogue via the FusionPlus database and distribute to all other customers has made the CTS catalogue both up to date and relevant to dealer needs. Through FusionPlus Data’s industry experience and a collaborative approach, our product content is professionally structured and enables dealers to have access to a great range of products to sell to their customers via e-commerce systems and integrated within their ERP back office.”

Steve Bilton, Managing Director of FusionPlus Data, added: “From day one we’ve been super impressed by the dedication to the project by the CTS team – they now have an e-catalogue that will work on most industry systems as standard and that can be exported by CTS with all the appropriate info needed for dealers using other systems, covering all bases – exciting times ahead!”

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