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UK cartridge retailer feels benefit of economic growth

July 30, 2014

inksquidlogoThe Ink Squid, based in Blackpool, has experienced growth in the north-west of England.

Blackpool Gazette reported on how the region in the north-west of England, including the city of Blackpool, is beginning to feel the “effects of [a] rising economy”, with printer cartridge etailer The Ink Squid noting that it is seeing “big improvements in business”.

The UK economy has grown 0.8 percent in the past three months, which means it is “now bigger than its pre-recession peak”, with manufacturing seeing 0.2 percent growth, and the news outlet pointed out that the turnaround “is being put down to a variety of factors”, and not just “those prompted by government policies”.

The Ink Squid’s Adrian Meakin commented: “I would say we are definitely seeing big improvements. Summer is our quiet time – anything that takes people away from a computer is bad for us, so hot weather, Commonwealth Games and the holiday season are all bad for us.

“Nevertheless, we are still doing well – far better than this time last year. We also sell a lot business to business and almost everyone we talk to is reporting an increase in business. The same for the businesses I network with – happy times all round I would say.”

Additionally, Paul Foster, Development Manager for Lancashire at the Federation of Small Business (FSB) Development Manager, added: “The national picture is welcoming and while the figures announced could yet be revised, the pattern of an improving UK economy is clear.

“What the data does tell us is that growth is being driven by the service sector, with manufacturers and construction output still lagging behind. To get these sectors really moving we need to ensure that we create the correct environment for investment locally, encouraging small businesses to grow and foreign investment into the area, too. Enabling our small businesses to export and reach into new markets would also be a boost to the local economy.”

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