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UII ships Lexmark compatible chips

October 16, 2018


Universal Imaging Industries (UII) has announced it is the only chip manufacturer currently shipping a complete line of Lexmark MS/MX chips compatible with the new LW71 firmware from 10 October 2018.

UII says it is also the only chip manufacturer offering Lexmark MS/MX SKUs unaffected by the recent release of the LW17 firmware.

The company has provided a list of its Lexmark compatible chips which are unaffected by the firmware release. They are as follows:

Lexmark MS/MX 17-series family (all dedicated regions), Lexmark MS/MX Imaging Units, Lexmark CS/CX, Dell MS/MX equivalents, Dell MS/MX Imaging Unit equivalents, Minolta MS/MX equivalents, Minolta MS/MX Imaging Unit equivalents, Source Tech MS/MX equivalents, Source Tech MS/MX Imaging Unit equivalents, Sindoh MS/MX equivalents and Sindoh MS/MX Imaging Unit equivalents.

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