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Turbon kickstarts social media campaign

January 16, 2019

Turbon Products GmbH has announced the launch of a new social media campaign aimed at engaging with partners.

Turbon Products, an EU remanufacturer, has launched its new social media engagement campaign – #turboneu – which the company explains is designed to “share brand, product, events and company news with partners and the wider industry.”

Christof Frei, Turbon Products Marketing Director, said “#turboneu is part of our new vision and strategy positioning Turbon at the core of the remanufacturing circular economy, with a brand centric product range and a focus on innovation. The challenges faced by all players in the office imaging industry are pushing us to constantly evolve and it is important to communicate quickly and effectively to our audience.”  

The #turboneu campaign will be showcased on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Frei commented, “Social media is an important channel to strengthen and extend our network and keep up to date with industry trends and developments. A presence on social media is essential to doing business.”

This new campaign is not the only exciting news for Turbon; the company has also recently confirmed its upcoming attendance at Paperworld 2019, which will be held in Frankfurt from the 26th to the 29th of January.

Turbon will be exhibiting at Booth B70 in Hall 5.1, Remanexpo’s new location. This will be the company’s first Paperworld appearance since undergoing a major reorganisation in mid-2018, when Turbon united all its units under the Turbon Products GmbH umbrella.

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