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Turbon acquires Embatex

October 28, 2015

Turbon Group's global headquarters in Germany

Turbon Group’s global headquarters in Germany

The purchase of the remanufacturer will bring Turbon’s group revenue to around €110 million ($121 million) for the full year 2015.

The remanufacturer’s acquisition of Embatex means that Turbon now expects a “consolidated turnover” in excess of €120 million ($132 million) for 2016, moving closer to its medium-term target of €150 million ($165 million). The two companies announced last year that they would be partnering in Europe, specifically in terms of research and development as well as toner cartridge remanufacturing.

Christian Wernhart will continue as CEO of Embatex and there are no plans to combine the two remanufacturing companies’ sales efforts.

Turbon also said: “MPS-compatible cartridges will continue to be a core product within the range of toner cartridges at Embatex. On the inkjet side, the focus is on business inkjet printers and ink cartridges for franking machines, which will also become available through the sales channels of the Turbon Group in the near future.”

Turbon’s consolidated sales for the first nine months of 2015 came in at €80.3 million ($88.7 million), missing its target figures and increasing only marginally on the 2014 figure. The company also achieved consolidated profit of €3.4 million ($3.7 million) for the period, down from €5.4 million ($5.9 million) for the previous year.

The Recycler reported in August on a first-half sales increase for 2015 for Turbon of 6.6 percent to €56.8 million ($63.2 million), a growth of €3.5 million ($3.8 million) from the “comparable period of the previous year”.

David Connett, Editor and Publisher of The Recycler, commented: “This is a good deal for the shareholders and the wider industry and illustrates the ongoing growth and M&A opportunities in the imaging aftermarket where there is ongoing growth for high quality, value centric imaging products.

“We see that companies such as Turbon and Embatex that focus on delivering a value proposition will also focus on using the best materials in their processes and something a price driven channel simply cannot compete with.”

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