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Truckloads of counterfeit cartridges seized in Russia

May 1, 2013

RussiaRaid by Russian law enforcement results in seizure of three truckloads of fake HP cartridges.

Russian radio website Radiovesti reports that the largest raid conducted against counterfeiters in Russia in two years was carried out in December 2012, and resulted in the seizure of more than four thousand counterfeit printer cartridges claiming to be HP products.

Three truckloads of illegal products were seized during the raid, which took place at production and storage facilities in a closed research institute, where counterfeit goods were packed in second-hand original packaging ready for selling. All packaging was also confiscated by the law enforcement authorities.

The case saw the biggest number of cartridges seized in a raid in Russia for two years, with another similar raid in February uncovering 2,500 counterfeit HP-branded cartridges.

According to the article, Colonel Konstantin Grakhovo, Deputy Chief of customs control after the release of the goods from Moscow customs, commented that the agency is “committed to pursue and bring to justice the manufacturers of counterfeit products which contain unknown chemicals that damage the printer, capable of inflicting damage to the environment”, adding that the seizure of the products is likely to lead to further anti-counterfeiting activities in the region.

Despite the raids, the article notes that according to research by Forrester Consulting, Russia was found to have one of the lowest levels of counterfeit HP cartridges in the EMEA region, with around 11 percent of organisations indicating that they had encountered counterfeit cartridges compared to 23 percent of organisations in the UAE, 31 percent in Algeria and 50 percent in Nigeria.

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