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TROY launches new UV printer

January 11, 2017

The company has released the PageWide 556 SecureUV printer.

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A press release reported that the TROY 556 “adds personalised, layered authentication to printed documents” and the printer has been “designed for high demand security printing applications”. The 556 is based on HP Inc’s PageWide technology, producing inkjet printers with the same output and durability of laser printers, and prints 75ppm with volumes of 2,000 to 7,500 pages per month.

Locking paper trays safeguard pre-printed documents and the printer is said to meet “high volume business need” and is suitable for office teams of five to 15 users. Some of the features include: personalised on-demand document security, very low cost, fast speeds and SecureUV which is invisible or within black text and graphics.

The 556 can print in full colour using OEM magenta and cyan, and TROY has developed a “new way to add personalised layers of document authentication, copy detection, and fraud deterrence to important documents”. Security is provided by embedded elements with a visible colour graphic or invisible one within the document. The printer uses TROY’s Standard UV ink designed for “for security documents at risk for alteration or counterfeiting”.

SecureDocs software can be paired with the 556 for added security and enables businesses to print their own variable data watermarks and customised microprint lines as well as a “copy evident pantograph”. The software also works with pre-printed documents and TROY said that it can “provide organisations with the capacity to issue exclusive, secure documents at the point of issue and reduce unauthorised replication and theft”.

John Hodgson, Vice President and General Manager at TROY Group, commented: “We are seeing solid demand for the PageWide 452 throughout the world, but found that larger organisations with higher volume requirements were looking for a more powerful solution. Hence the reason for the release of the PageWide 556.

“Our goal is empowering organisations to protect each document at the point of issue, thereby managing fraud and reducing operational risks. The 556 enhances our wide breadth of hardware, firmware and software to meet the demands of regional offices to large facilities. We believe our comprehensive range of solutions clearly position TROY as a leader in the field of document security.”


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