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“Transformable” 3D printer developed

February 15, 2017

“Transformable” 3D printer developed
The Optimus has “two different configurations” and can offer laser cutting and CNC functionality.

The 3D printer, developed by Swedish company Febtop tech, has been launched on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, with the company stating that the machine is “consumer-friendly” and “transformable”, while their funding goal of $50,000 (€47,365) was “smashed” in “record time – within two hours of launch”. The device was created to be “accessible to everyday consumers around the globe”, and to “help build things you couldn’t find in stores”.

Additionally, the machine “combines three top tools requested by makers”, including the 3D printer as well as a laser cutter and a CNC mill, “into one”, with Febtop stating that it is “affordable enough for individuals without compromising the performance or quality of any of the tools”. The two different configurations meanwhile include a “vertical delta formation and a horizontal Cartesian configuration”.

Both of the two forms are “optimised for a certain tool”, with the delta configuration aimed at 3D printing and the Cartesian configuration for “laser cutting and CNC”, with this transformation able to be “done in less than 10 minutes”, thanks to the “modular design” that can be “packaged the ‘IKEA-way’”.

The company concluded by noting that the team “has already started production of 50 units”, which “will be ready to ship to the first batch of backers in March”, and the machine is available from $979 (€927) for 3D printing, $1,159 (€1,097) for 3D printing and laser, and $1,579 (€1,495) for 3D printing, laser and CNC. At the time of publication, the campaign had raised $102,406 (€97,009) from backers.

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