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Trade Copiers’ new testing area

August 6, 2018

The Cumbrian company has inaugurated its new machine testing area, whilst reaching an impressive export milestone.

With an eye on the current concern for data security, including new GDPR legislation, the British company had invested in three new data erasure systems, to securely erase HDDs. The systems, a Logicube Omniclone 10Xi and ZX-Tower System, and a Blancco e800, can be configured to wipe all data on HDDs to recognised standards, including the UK National Cyber Security Centre HMG Infosec Standard No. 5.

Dik Stoddart, who oversees all machine processing operations, explained: “With the new dedicated testing and data wiping bays set up, we can process many more machines a day, and give our customers a complete and trackable audit trail for each HDD, giving them the confidence to continue to use Trade Copiers.”

Last month, Trade Copiers’ export department sent off six 40’ containers in a week, breaking “the magic 1,000” export milestone for a five-day period.

“Breaking the 1,000 machines exported in a week barrier has been something my team and I have had our sights on for a long time now and I can tell you that it is no mean feat,” Export Manager Ashley McCall said. “It feels great though, and it’s a testament to the recent investment in the loading area and warehouse that’s allowed this achievement.”

The company’s successful exports were celebrated again recently, as Trade Copiers was shortlisted in the Best Exporter category for the In-Cumbria Business Awards. The award recognises companies that have developed new markets beyond the United Kingdom, and which can demonstrate “significant export sales in relation to the size of the company, success in accessing markets outside the United Kingdom and trade growth through exports and the ability to sustain that growth.”

Marketing Manager Stephen Brownsteele gave his thoughts on the nomination, declaring: “We face some tough competition this year in the form of Oxley Group who run a large and very tight export operation but I know how good we are here so I’m looking forward to the November awards.”

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