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Toshiba TEC Singapore acquires MFP Business

July 2, 2020

The company said that this acquisition marks an important milestone for Toshiba TEC, as it expands its MFP business and strengthens operations in Singapore, a key market for Toshiba.

Toshiba TEC Singapore (TSE) announced their acquisition of the Multifunction Printers (MFP) Business from Toshiba Data Dynamics (TDSP). This will see TDSP shifting from a distributorship to a direct ownership model, where they will be supplying MFPs to their Singapore customers directly.

This acquisition will also see the creation of a new business unit and absorption of existing TDSP employees into the newly created division.

Toshiba TEC said about the acquisition: “With this acquisition, TSE will strengthen its business edge in the competitive MFP market in Singapore, one of its most advanced in Asia. This expansion is expected to deliver improved business growth and a greater market share.”

In the short term, a new business unit, Printing Solutions Group (PSG) will be established within TSE to oversee the existing Business Solutions Division (BSD) and this newly created National Business Solutions Division (NBSD) from TDSP.

“Singapore continues to be an important and strategic market for Toshiba, with demand for smart business solutions such as MFPs expected to grow exponentially,” said Tetsu Oda, President & CEO of Toshiba TEC Singapore. “While we continue to focus on the further expansion of our MFP businesses in Singapore, more resources will also be channelled to strengthen our capabilities in delivering highly tailored and effective technological solutions to those around us. In addition, one of our key priorities is to continue building stronger relationships with our customers and partners, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition.”

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