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Toshiba Tec reports consolidated results

August 12, 2020

The company reported its financial results for the quarter which ended 30 June 2020.

Toshiba Tec announced net sales for the quarter which ended 30 June 2019, of ¥84.4 billion ($790.4 million/ €671.62 million) which is down 27.6% for the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year. Operation profit for the quarter was -¥4.2 billion ($39.33 million/ €33.42 million).

Toshiba said in its report it is not revising the forecasts for the full financial year so these are standing at net sales total ¥410 billion ($3.84 billion/ €3.26 billion) for the full year with an operating profit of ¥10 billion ($93.65 million/ €79.58 million).

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