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Toshiba releases new MFPs in the Philippines

August 19, 2016

10 models have been introduced and will be distributed by local company Tricom Dynamics.toshiba_logo

Business Inquirer reported that the company claim the MFPs to be the “most revolutionised” yet. The models are from the e-Studio series, with five being colour and five in monochrome. The MFPs come with “newly engineered software and advanced hardware” for print and document management and “workflow” for business.

Each has a “nine-inch tablet style” touchscreen and “Intel’s new processor” as well as a dual scan and document feeder. The MFPs allow the touch screen to be customised, and the e-Bridge software is flexible to the users needs.

Andy Ow, Country Manager for the Philippines, said: “We are sure that ours is unique and that we definitely came out with a very customisable format so that we are able to provide the best convenience and service to the business world. Because we are very familiar with these industries and the way they function, we can easily customise the software or the apps that cater to [their] requirements.

“The trend is moving towards mobile applications […] we want to cater to this trend. We want our machines to be able to communicate freely with the mobile applications and also probably one day, what you see on your phone will be what you see on our user interface panel.”




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