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Toshiba MFP donated to Bowel Cancer UK

December 9, 2014

Bowel Cancer UK printerTechnology partner donated one e-STUDIO MFP, worth £13,000, to the charity.

Statas, a technology partner of Toshiba TEC, donated the £13,000 ($20,300/€16,500) e-STUDIO2550CSE colour MFP to Bowel Cancer UK after the charity was nominated at this year’s Charity IT Leaders (CITL) Conference, where Stratas supplied an MFP to allow delegates to print from their mobile devices during the conference, and then donated it to the charity.

Rob Holyoake, Director at Statas, explained: “At the end of the event we decided that we would like to donate the MFP to a charity and selected a number of speakers at the event to nominate a charity. Ian Williamson, ICT Director at UNICEF UK, gave a very moving speech about bowel cancer, [after] which all of the delegates attending agreed that Bowel Cancer UK should be the charity to receive this product because they felt it would really make a difference to them.”

Established for 27 years, Bowel Cancer UK raises awareness of the disease and provides information and support for those affected by it, with 41,500 people diagnosed with bowel cancer every year and around 16,000 people dying of the disease. It is the fourth most common cancer in the UK after breast, lung, and prostate cancer.

Natasha Romain, Bowel Cancer UK’s Corporate Partnerships Executive, said: “As a charitable organisation, we are almost completely dependent on voluntary donations. Therefore, having a state-of-the-art piece of office equipment given to us was an enormous surprise and we are incredibly grateful to Toshiba TEC and Stratas.”

Romain added that the device, which Stratas has installed at the charity’s London headquarters, “has made an overwhelmingly positive difference to our resources. Everyone has commented on how easy it is to use and knowing that we have such a reliable machine in the office allows us to concentrate on the important work we are doing in raising awareness of bowel cancer”.

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