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Toshiba goes back to school

March 28, 2018

Toshiba has teamed up with an LA high school to implement an new mobile printing programme.

King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine & Science, which was named after Dr. Martin Luther King and Dr. Charles Drew, has worked with the OEM on its new technology initiative that will allow students, teachers and administrators alike to print from anywhere across the school’s campus, using a mobile device.

Following the partnership, the school’s 1,700 and 120 staff can print lesson plans, study guides and all sorts of other educational materials from their mobile devices, using Toshiba’s e-STUDIO MFPs. They will primarily be using school-issued Chromebooks to access the printers.

King/Drew Magnet High School’s Principal, Dr. Heather Karuza, said: “The one-to-one Chromebooks and Toshiba printing stations have revolutionised our school culture – it’s like a college campus! There is a new level of accountability and freedom when students can print, scan, and make copies on their own. Everyone loves this new printing system.”

As well as the advantage of convenience, the initiative is also providing various benefits of a security and environmental perspective. Because students and staff must enter personal access codes to use the technology, unauthorised access to printed materials is becoming a thing of the past, and the wasteful occurrence abandoned prints is being eliminated too.

“Since education is one of Toshiba’s primary markets, implementing the mobile print program at King/Drew Magnet High School has been a rewarding experience for our team,” added Bill Melo, Toshiba’s Chief Marketing Executive. “We’re very much looking forward to continuing to provide the school’s students and staff with the necessary technology and support to help foster the best educational experience possible.”

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