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Tonerman suffers major fire

March 31, 2014

The company’s site in Northwich was ablaze over the weekend, though the company’s disaster recovery planning has ensured that business will continue as usual this week. 

An image from the scene on Saturday (Credit: Northwich Guardian)

An image from the scene on Saturday (Credit: Northwich Guardian)

Northwich Guardian reported here and here on the blaze at Tonerman’s base on Queen Street, Northwich on Friday, with firefighters called to the building at about 11.15pm spending around two hours “fighting to get the flames under control”, and destroying the roof in one section of the building

Temperatures were said to be so high at one point that firefighters warned on Saturday that “it will take a further two days before any risk of fire is extinguished”, though fire crews had begun “damping down” and scaling back their operations on Saturday. Eyewitnesses had reported noises “like popping fireworks” when reporting the fire, and residents were warned to shut windows because of a “risk of asbestos in the burning roof”.

Mike Goodman, Managing Director at Tonerman, spoke to The Recycler about the fire, noting that the company’s disaster recovery plan has ensured that despite the damage, the company is operating as usual this week.

Goodman stated: “I got a call from the fire brigade at around 11.30 on Friday evening, and thankfully nobody was injured. First thing on Saturday morning our disaster recovery plan kicked in, and over the weekend we set up temporary offices in our other warehouse, and phones and IT services were all established over the weekend so that it is business as usual this morning.”

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