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Tonerman Limited to be dissolved

August 14, 2020

Tonerman Limited is to be dissolved by way of a voluntary strike-off as of August 2020, as detailed on Companies House.

The company was incorporated in January 2005 and became the UK’s leading specialist in the OEM surplus toner market. 

Disaster struck in March 2014 when fire hit Tonerman’s base on Queen Street, Northwich with firefighters spending around two hours “fighting to get the flames under control.” Eyewitnesses had reported noises “like popping fireworks” when reporting the fire, and residents were warned to shut windows because of a “risk of asbestos in the burning roof”.

Mike Goodman, Managing Director at the time told The Recycler that the company’s disaster recovery plan has ensured that despite the damage, the company is operating as usual this week.

In June 2015 the company lost £180,000 ($282,848/€254,475).worth of OEM consumables when thieves broke in to the family-run company premises.  Owner Mike Goodman stated: “The thieves knew what they were taking and focused on the high-value, high-demand products.

The company seized trading 30 June 2019 and the application for a voluntary strike off was made on the 3rd August 2020 and the first notice pas published on the 11th August.

According to the Gov.UK website you can close down your limited company by getting it ‘struck off’ the Companies Register, but only if it:

  • hasn’t traded or sold off any stock in the last 3 months
  • hasn’t changed names in the last 3 months
  • isn’t threatened with liquidation
  • has no agreements with creditors, e.g. a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA)?

Before applying to strike off your limited company, you must close it down legally. This involves:

  • announcing your plans to interested parties and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • making sure your employees are treated according to the rules
  • dealing with your business assets and accounts

When closing the business you must within 7 days, send a copy of the application to strike off to anyone who could be affected. This includes:

  • members (usually the shareholders)
  • creditors
  • employees
  • managers or trustees of any employee pension fund
  • any directors who didn’t sign the application form

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