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Toner thief receives sentencing

July 15, 2013

crimeFormer law firm worker charged for stealing $376,000 in copy machine toner.

ABA Journal reported that a former worker of law firm Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson is “not likely” to pay the firm back for stealing $376,000 (€288,500), but is likely to be jailed for “at least a year” after receiving a one to three-year term last month.

According to the article, 39-year old Adrian Rodriguez took toner worth between $80 (€61) and $259 (€198) per cartridge whilst working at the firm, but sold it for between $10 (€8) and $15 (€12).

Furthermore, Rodriguez’s wife, who is reportedly in South America, “has not signed off on an effort by the Manhattan district attorney’s office to seize a retirement account with about $14,000 (€10,700) in funds”, suggesting that the law firm is unlikely to obtain restitution from Rodriguez.

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