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Toner powder converted into cartridge components

January 20, 2012

Powder Recycling’s Angus Carnie stated that the subject of what to do with excess toner “has been a problem for a long time” but that with this development companies will be able to utilise their excess toner powder for remanufacturing cartridges.

Carnie stated: “There has been a problem for a long time with what to do with toner powder – the reality is no-one knows. I make deals across the globe to collect excess toner, and I’ve come across many solutions for powder, including fingerprint powder and anti-vandal paint.

“I’ve discovered there are hundreds of tonnes of toner across the globe, and I needed a solution that could be used in small amounts but on a large scale of usage. Big companies and governments are now saying that we cannot send toner and other such products to landfill, and the reality has been that powder does go to landfill.

“Some people have signed up to agreements that mean they are storing toner instead, and I’ve been flabbergasted by the amount I’ve seen stored. I started to realise there needed to be a volume solution, and started work on this. I’ve now got about 14 or 15 parts I’ve made from toner powder for printers or cartridges, including cogs for the insides and parts and casings – I can easily do more and I’m open to specifications.”

Carnie discussed the method of converting the toner powder into parts, stating: “The toner is not extruded but casted into a mould, and compressed into the mould. It makes no difference what sort or what colour or whether it has ferrous oxide in or not. With this method we can serve small remanufacturers or large scale operations.

“I’ve now managed to successfully turn the powder into a plastic material that can be moulded, particularly into parts for use in printers and cartridges. This creates a closed-loop scenario for the industry, with recyclers, remanufacturers and OEMs available to convert excess toner into parts. I’m actually able to turn it into parts for cartridges now, and I think it’s a great excitement for the industry.”

He also stated that he has received interest already for the parts, and that this is growing: “I’ve had a lot of interest after I started telling people, from the US, Mexico, China, Japan and Holland as well as the UK. It’s available and now and people can get in touch to discuss it with me.

For more information, Carnie’s website can be found here.

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2 responses to “Toner powder converted into cartridge components”

  1. Core Dynamics says:

    This is great news.

    I would like to discuss the possibilities with Angus Carnie.
    We have a part that is Patent pending that we would like to make using the spent toner.
    Feel free to contact me through –Regards, Core Dynamics

  2. Waste toner disposal has been a problem for us for years. We produce 2-3 50 gallon barrels per month with no good solution other than the landfill. If anyone out there is interested, we would gladly give away the old toner.

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