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TN Core releases new products

June 13, 2018

The Korean-based company has revealed the launch of new products, including a reset function and compatible auto reset chips.

Among the new releases from TN Core are a new reset function that was added on the company’s i-prog resetter program recently, Ricoh SP-C830 series and Kyocera TK-1152 series.

TN Core also launched a new HP Inkjet auto reset chip (ARC) chip for use in HP 8710/8720/477 series printers. The company describes the chip as being “targeted for printer rental business expert so that it can efficiently manage the leased printer by combining with TN-BOX MPS and TN-BOX CISS.”

Finally, TN Core has also been promoting its updated MPS and CISS products.

The company explains that “TN-BOX MPS has updated its UI and it’s more user-friendly”; currently it is only available for Android devices but TN Core says it is working on developing the iPhone app. In addition, “CISS has also improved for customer convenience.”

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