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Three arrested over infringing cartridges in Spain

July 23, 2015

wall_of_crime_scene_tape_1600_clr_853772,100 ink cartridges have also been seized in 11 industrial units in Toledo, as part of the Guardia Civil’s ‘Fake’ operation.

The detainees are two men and one woman, aged between 36 and 37 and of Chinese origin, Europa Press reported. They have been arrested on suspicion of infringing patents with the sale of fake ink cartridges for several brands, with the cartridges seized said by RTVE to be worth €1.2 million ($1.3 million).

Officials seized €16,800 ($18,466) in cash along with various pieces of IT hardware and other equipment. The cartridges are reported to have caused €2 million ($2.1 million) in losses to the OEM involved, while documentation allowed the Guardia Civil to trace back the products to the original places and businesses in China and Taiwan.

The goods were sent by sea from various cities in the two countries to a port in Valencia, from which they were taken to the units in Toledo. Here they were modified with the different brands and distributed to representatives across Europe, including Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Portugal, Andorra, Holland, Hungary, and Poland.

In each country the group had almost 100 customers, as well as 140 in Spain itself, distributing mainly patent-infringing cartridges. A list of businesses suspected of selling the cartridges includes 243 businesses in France, 92 in Italy and 22 in Holland, as well as others in the UK, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Andorra and Morocco.

As a result of the information from Toledo, officials have been able to detain 50,841 fake cartridges in Poland and Holland.

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