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Thousands of fake cartridges seized in Turkey and Italy

March 28, 2012

Police and Lexmark officials raid warehouses containing tens of thousands of fake ink cartridges.

Printer manufacturer Lexmark has announced that tens of thousands of fake ink cartridges have been seized in raids on warehouses in Turkey and Italy, reports Amateur Photographer.

Counterfeit cartridges under a variety of printer brand names were discovered at the Turkey warehouse, including 1,000 fake Lexmark cartridges.

A Lexmark spokesperson commented: “This raid was the culmination of an extensive investigation of a suspect that had previously been charged with trademark counterfeiting in the Turkish court system.”

Italian police also raided a warehouse in Milan in February 2012, in which 40,000 counterfeit Lexmark products were discovered. According to the OEM, a suspect has been arrested.

Lexmark continued: “The facility was being used as a repackaging plant for building complete counterfeit cartridges of multiple brands.

“Lexmark has recently taken action against manufacturers, distributors and resellers of these cartridges that violate Lexmark’s intellectual property, with success in the United States and Germany.”

A number of OEMs have begun action against manufacturers and resellers in Europe. HP began legal action several Spanish companies accused of importing and selling clone cartridges, and Samsung has issued a statement to EU resellers distributing toner cartridges “that may infringe on Samsung’s patents”.

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  1. This only goes to show how expensive these cartridges have become. The last thing you need is to pay for genuine Lexmark ink and unwittingly put illegal counterfeit cartridges in your printer. Rest assured if you order from fuss3printersupplies you will receive genuine cartridges, they only buy from authorised UK distribution.

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