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Thoma Bravo completes acquisition

July 11, 2017

Thoma Bravo has completed its acquisition of Lexmark’s Enterprise Software Business.

The private equity firm announced that it has finalised the deal with Lexmark International Inc software enterprise which is made up of Kofax, Perceptive and Readsoft.

Both Kofax and Readsoft have been amalgamated as one independent company to join the Thoma Bravo portfolio while Perceptive has been “acquired by Hyland Software Inc,” also a Thoma Bravo portfolio company.

Seth Boro, Managing Partner, Thoma Bravo, said: “Kofax and ReadSoft have a proven track record of delivering high-quality software that is of great value to the enterprise. By helping simplify and streamline burdensome processes, Kofax enables businesses to focus on its customers.

“Thoma Bravo is excited to combine these two brands into one unified company, while adding the Perceptive portfolio to Hyland Software. This investment leverages our operational knowledge, deep industry experience and business-building capital to enhance both Kofax and Hyland’s value to its customers and our investors.”

Reynolds C. Bish, President and CEO, of the new Kofax company, commented: “Kofax could not have found a better partner than Thoma Bravo. Their understanding of our market, our products and services, and confidence in our management team will enable Kofax to continue pursuing our vision of digitally transforming and simplifying the First Mile™ of business.”

The President and CEO of Hyland, Bill Priemer, also commented: “For years we’ve admired the people and technology of Perceptive, and by combining our teams, we bring together so many talented people with years of experience developing transformational solutions and working with customers to solve critical business issues. Going forward, I believe there’s no content, process or case management challenge we can’t solve together.”

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