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ThinPrint unveils “perfect” universities solution

September 18, 2018

ThinPrint Cloud Services, a subsidiary of print management company ThinPrint, has released the newest version of ezeep, a printing solution for coworking spaces and universities.

As part of the update, RFID-based printing is now fully integrated into ezeep, making it “the ideal solution” in markets where users share multiple printers. In addition to this set up, the new updates eliminate the need for IT administrators to spend time on printer assignments or printer driver management.

The company contends that “printing in coworking spaces or universities has historically been challenging for both users and IT administrators,” as users are tasked with selecting and gaining access to the correct printer and clicking through widely-varying user interfaces, while admins are burdened with assigning the correct printers to the users, as well as managing printer drivers.

The new version of ezeep claims to eliminate the need for users to have to choose among several printers on a list. Instead, they select the virtual ezeep printer, go to the printer they find most convenient, and initiate the printout by holding any RFID card against the RFID scanner connected to it. A fitness club ID can be used just as easily as an employee or library card – the only requirement is that the card must be RFID-enabled.

In addition to simplifying the process, ezeep also now ensures unauthorised persons cannot accidentally or intentionally take a printout from the printer.

On the management side, ezeep enables IT administrators to no longer have to assign printers to users, or need to know which users work near which printer, or which device they prefer to print from. Due to one cloud-based printer driver, there is no need to install and update printer drivers for each machine or device.

“One printer driver, no printer assignment, no clicking through countless printer properties… printing with ezeep is incredibly easy – both for administrators and users,” said Christoph Hammer, CEO of ThinPrint Cloud Services.. “This comes with other benefits, such as avoiding unnecessary and expensive uncollected printouts and the certainty that printouts can never fall into the wrong hands at the printer. This is a highly-valuable advantage, especially in institutions such as coworking spaces or universities with many users.”

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