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ThinPrint Hub offers new centralised management

August 9, 2019

The new management console enables ThinPrint Hubs and printers to be managed across branch offices, even without a VPN connection.

ThinPrint is adding a central management console to its ThinPrint Hub, its solution to managing printers in branch and remote offices. The ThinPrint Hub Remote Management Console was developed in partnership with Stratodesk, a hardware-independent provider of endpoint operating systems and management solutions for VDI and Internet of Things (IoT).

Printing in branch and remote offices creates enormous challenges for IT administration, including cost control and data security, ThinPrint exlained. The new ThinPrint Hub management console enables companies in any industry, such as finance, healthcare, retail and manufacturing, to operate across multiple locations. It fully optimises the connection of printers to headquarters via the ThinPrint Hub, allowing efficient and central management of these devices. A VPN connection is not even necessary and as an additional benefit, local print servers can also be dispensed with completely.

“Our ThinPrint Hub sales are growing at a yearly rate of 220 percent, we’ve doubled our customer base, and 40 percent of our ThinPrint Hub customers follow up with orders for additional devices,” says ThinPrint CEO Charlotte Künzell. “For customers who have a large number of ThinPrint Hubs, or want to achieve implementation quickly and easily across a number of branch offices, we now offer an easy-to-use management solution through our partnership with Stratodesk. With virtually no effort, companies can easily manage and update their environment and significantly reduce the workload for their branches, plus reduce their costs and resource usage.”

Available both on-premises and in the cloud, ThinPrint Hub Remote Management can administer ThinPrint Hubs in a wide range of scenarios, including connecting EMRs with healthcare clinics, bank branches with their HQs, manufacturing centres or any other independent remote location.

For more information about the ThinPrint Hub Remote Management Console go here.

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