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The state of printer security

June 26, 2017

Cartridge World discusses what businesses and home users can do to make printing safer.

The article said that hackers are targeting printers to gain access to sensitive data on printers and that “potentially anyone on the internet” can use any wireless printer if it is not secure as hackers did in several universities in the US.

Modern MFPs contain hard drives and save digital copies of print jobs and other data which hackers can use but by securing networks access can reduce the risk and Cartridge World advised trying the following tips.

Using the security features set by manufacturers and updating the firmware is the first thing to do followed by making sure Cloud security is in place for those who use mobile devices Google Cloud printing service comes with many security features.

The article suggested implementing logins for places where many people use the printers to ensure tighter security and for those printers that store information there should be a weekly practice of removing all stored data.

Passwords should be regularly changed and any services that are not required should be closed and all new printers should be checked to make sure the ports are closed while it is also suggested that businesses and users make use of Patches that can be downloaded.

Lastly the article noted that printer users should be educated about the potential risks of wireless printers and reminded not to open suspicious emails or links.

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