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The San Francisco Chronicle recommends all-in-ones as overall printers

January 9, 2012

Online writer David Einstein states that the inkjet printer market has been “commoditised” and OEM devices are interchangeable.

The Bloomberg-attached San Francisco Chronicle writer David Einstein has recommended all-in-one devices as inexpensive all-round devices in response to a submitted question, stipulating that comparisons between OEM brands is no longer a quintessential factor to consider.

Einstein states that “the inkjet printer market has become commoditised to the point that all-in-one printers from big makers like HP, Lexmark, Epson and Canon are all pretty much the same, and you can find models with built in Wi-Fi for less than $100 (€78)”.

He states that “all-in-ones costing more will print faster and may have better scanning and printing resolution, but that’s overkill for casual users who print mostly documents, Web pages and the occasional photo.”

Despite this, Einstein is keen not to promote colour laser all-in-ones: “Yes, you also can get a colour laser all-in-one, but they cost upward of $300 (€235)m they use multiple toner cartridges, and photo quality isn’t as good as with an inkjet.”

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