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The rise of pun-filled business names

October 31, 2014

Alan CartridgeA cartridge refill company has appeared in ‘seven of Britain’s best business names’ list.

An article on the Mirror website highlights how many businesses in Britain have been given “wacky” names to make them “stand out from the crowd”, listing seven of the best named businesses.

Among those listed is Yorkshire-based cartridge refill shop Alan Cartridge, named after the comedy TV show character Alan Partridge, with the article quoting Partridge: “It might not be the most obvious link, but the verdict from us: back of the net!”

Other businesses that appear in the article’s list include kebab van Jason Donervan, tyre firm Farther Treads, flooring company Lino Ritchie, florist shop Florist Gump, and cleaning company Spruce Springclean.

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