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The Recycling Factory raises money for heart charity

August 24, 2015

The UK cartridge recycler has raised over $195,883 (€170,435) for the British Heart Foundation.British Heart Foundation

The company, which reported earlier this year that it had raised over £3,586,789.64 ($5,409,612.75/€4,969,400.10) for UK charities from recycling cartridges, has now revealed that it has raised over £125,000 ($195,883/€170,435) for the British Heart Foundation (BHF). The “milestone” in fundraising has come from “donations of inkjet and toner cartridges”, and the money will go “directly” to “helping the charity continue their life-saving work”.

The partnership began in 2012, and The Recycling Factory reported in 2013 that it had exceeded its target donation for the year. The company stated that the cooperation “has gone from strength to strength”, and hopes that “further significant funds can be raised with the help of the charity’s supporters”.

The Recycling Factory’s Cassandra Gonzalez commented: “We’ve been working alongside the British Heart Foundation for three years now, and it has been so rewarding to see the partnership flourish. Recycling is a great way of being able to help raise vital funds for the charity, as well as being eco-friendly and most importantly, it’s completely free for anyone who wants to get involved.

“We’d like to thank British Heart Foundation supporters for generously sending in their unwanted inkjets to help achieve such an incredible donation.”

Carl Jones, Fundraising Manager for the BHF, added: “We’re extremely grateful for the continued support of The Recycling Factory. It’s incredible to think that something as simple as donating your unwanted ink cartridges could raise such an incredible amount – enough to fund a ground breaking research project for a whole year that will bring hope to the millions affected by heart disease.”

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