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The Recycler Live goes to Prague

February 25, 2020

In partnership with ETIRA, Europe’s premier conference for the aftermarket industry will be taking place in the Czech capital of Prague from May 14-15 2020, with two days of networking, insight and inspiration in store.

At the heart of Europe, Prague is the most attractive tourist and meeting destination in the Czech Republic. Prague, the City of a Hundred Spires on the Vltava River is known to people from all over the world and ranks amongst one of the most beautiful cities and top European destinations.

Prague combines the most modern infrastructure in Europe with the timeless beauty of a medieval city and the perfect host for The Recycler Live, which has stood proudly at the cutting edge of the remanufacturing industry for many years. This years destination venue for The Recycler Live conference is the Holiday Inn, Prague Convention Centre and is just a 20 minute trip from the airport.

This year’s conference will see a plethora of speakers, once again drawn from the brightest and best of the aftermarket, delivering a series of seminars on a wide range of topics and guaranteeing new insights, fresh perspectives and vital observations on the remanufacturing industry of today, and the industry of tomorrow.

Our conference theme this year takes a quick look back over the last thirty years when the evolution of the reuse sector disrupted the OEM printer market. Thirty years on, the disruption continues across in every sector of the market.

We will explore the current market, the latest trends and issues, of a maturing market that is contracting as business and personal printing reduces. Still, we are far away from the paperless office.

The OEM community is realigning through Mergers and acquisitions and who knows what the impact of a Xerox – HP deal might have on the market.

Reuse and the EU’s GREEN agenda and EU policy initiatives should boost greener printing, and the reuse of cartridges are at the heart of this. Is this the game-changer for reuse across the industry, and if it is, what are the timescales for change?

We are also going to explore technology in action with a look at a range of technology solutions to help your business and more importantly, add to the services you can deliver for your customers.

This conference will take a hard look at where the industry will be in 3, 5 and 10 years

The Recycler Live: Prague is kindly sponsored by our headline sponsor ETIRA member Effective Consumable Solutions UK Ltd (ECS), which was recently crowned Remanufacturer of the Year for the second year in a row at this year’s Remanexpo trade show in Frankfurt, Germany.

“ECS are delighted once again to be the headline sponsor for The Recycler’s Live Conference 2020. We’re incredibly excited to discuss and debate some of the most talked about topics in the industry while in the presence of key individuals of major organisations from around the world. As back-to-back remanufacturer of the year and newly crowned Collector of the Year, combined with our many years of experience, we’re well placed to provide a valuable opinion on some of these topics, in particular market contractions, the green agenda and the fluctuations in the market that have been created by new build consumables. We hope that you will join us for what will be an unmissable event.”

As well as ECS, our inkjet key sponsor this year is Speed Infotech, and ETIRA member Biuromax is sponsoring all tickets and lanyards. More sponsors will be announced shortly.

“Speed Infotech is focusing in Remanufactured inkjet cartridges industry in Europe for the past 19 years, and we are very pleased to be the sponsor of the conference for the 4th year and we looking forward to meeting all our good friends in Prague.”

Our conference host is once again Peter Mayhew of Lightwords Imaging.

To find out more about this unparalleled chance to network, interact, and connect with the leading lights of the remanufacturing industry, visit Tickets are now on sale, so move quickly to ensure your place alongside the cream of the aftermarket, in one of Europe’s most perennially picturesque cities.

A two-day conference pass costs €199 ($223), including the President’s Reception and Dinner and an exclusive Early Bird rate is now available to those who book before March 31, 2020. At a special price of just €149 ($167). To register for this unmissable opportunity, click here, and join us in Prague at the vanguard of the aftermarket industry.

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