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The Recycler Live 2019 – Brussels programme announced

May 31, 2019

The official programme for The Recycler Live 2019 – Brussels, held from 27-28 June 2019 organised in partnership with ETIRA, is now available on our website.

A rich and varied selection of seminars awaits the delegates this year, presented by key figures from all areas of the industry.

Every year in Europe 60 percent – 70 percent of empty toner and inkjet cartridges end up being incinerated or landfilled. Yet up to 85 percent could be reused. In 2015 the European Commission adopted an action plan to help accelerate Europe’s transition towards a circular economy, boost global competitiveness, promote sustainable economic growth and generate new jobs.

This conference explores the current market, the latest trends and issues, the reuse barriers and the EU’s plans to expand reuse and the circular economy in the office imaging sector. The new 2019 EU Commission and European Parliament are poised will see the launch of several EU policy initiatives to boost greener printing, and cartridges are at the heart of this.

This year Zoltan Matyas is kicking off the event with a presentation on Digital Marketing talking about LinkedIn pages and how remanufacturers can use to deliver their value proposition to today’s audience.

Andrew Carroll is speaking about the changing landscape of the office imaging market and the OEM landscape and market trends, inspiring to reflect on challenges remanufactures face today but also take a look at new opportunities.

Antonio Sanchez in his presentation will provide a more detailed understanding of the transformational supply chain opportunities, the related threats in cyber security, and the technologies – from AI to Blockchain – to combat these menaces.

Bringing the reuse not single-use aspect of the event to live is Lauren Rabitte, talking about why our planet demands a greater focus on recycling and remanufacturing, and why ‘Prevention’ is ultimately the only answer to our problems. Chris Fink is talking about single-use plastic and why it is the most pressing matter when it comes to our planet’s sustainability and the options that are available to us heading into the future.

David Fitzsimons, the President of the European Remanufacturing Council since the organisation’s creation in 2017 will add to this debate with his presentation.

Persistently sparing no effort to back up the cartridge remanufacturers and advocate Green Printing has played an important role in Apex’s strategic plan from the past to its future, Olivia Ouyang will give us an insight to this.

Have a closer look yourself and click her to see the full conference programme.

It is not too late to register – just click here to register for Europe’s premier conference for the aftermarket industry will be taking place in the Belgian capital of Brussels from June 27-28 2019.

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