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The Penguins conquer Germany

July 12, 2017

Karl Kallinger, a former board member of KMP, and TONERDUMPING have signed an agreement with Ninestar to market G&G Cartridges in the German market.

Karl Kallinger, the former board member of KMP and Managing Director of Pelikan Hardcopy Germany, becomes an advisor to the Berlin printer accessory retailer TONERDUMPING. They signed the exclusive retailer marketing agreement with Ninestar for the nationwide marketing of Ninestar’s brand, G&G.

“For this goal, we need someone with rich experience and networking in the industry. That is why we are very glad and grateful to work with Karl Kallinger in the future. Hardly anyone knows the German printer accessories market as well as he does. With Ninestar and Karl Kallinger, we bring together the absolute top players in the industry,” says TONERDUMPING CEO Daniel Orth.

Karl Kallinger was Managing Director of Pelikan Hardcopy Deutschland for ten years before joining KMP’s board of directors. Under his leadership, both suppliers became leading brands in the German alternative printer accessories market. In the future, Kallinger will bring his experience to the exclusive partnership between TONERDUMPING and Ninestar.

“With the G&G brand, Ninestar has the best prerequisites in Germany’s highly competitive market for printer accessories. Successfully creating this is another exciting challenge that I am very fond of,” says Karl Kallinger.

Ninestar is the largest alternative ink and toner producer in the world. In Zhuhai, China, the factory can produce 20 million toner cartridges annually along with 100 million ink cartridges and 30 million ribbon cartridges. The Ninestar Group also owns the Static Control and Apex chiming systems, the printer manufacturer Pantum and, since 2016, Lexmark. Ninestar produces printer accessory products for many different trade brands. In the future, the Chinese will increasingly rely on the G&G brand. In Germany, TONERDUMPING will officially market the G&G brand as a distributor.

“We have been working with TONERDUMPING for a very long time, successfully and confidently. With many years of experience in various trading platforms, they are the ideal partner for us to make our brand known in Germany,” says Oleg Zhao, Managing Director of Seine Holland B.V.

Since 2003, TONERDUMPING has been selling printer accessories through an online shop and in 22 stores in Berlin, Brandenburg and Hamburg. With an annual turnover of more than 10 million euros, the specialist belongs to the most important ink and toner dealers in Germany. In April 2017, the Computer-BILD awarded the TONERDUMPING online shop as a top Shop in the category “Office, Technology and Media”.

TONERDUMPING Managing Director Friedbert Baer goes on to say, “We are not only convinced by the quality of inks and toners from Ninestar, we are also convinced by the professional approach and demeanour of the Chinese. We do not know any other alternative ink and toner manufacturer that has such a large development and patent department. We are sure that the cartridges with the penguins will soon convince many customers in Germany. “

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