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The deadly sins of MSPs

April 18, 2018

Print Audit has announced the publication of its latest ‘7 Deadly Sins’ e-Guides, with the new guide covering the seven deadly sins of Managed Services Providers.

Previous e-Guides have highlighted the ‘sins’ of Office Equipment Dealers and Document Management, and according to the company “are among the most downloaded of all the content we produce.”

In a statement announcing the release, Print Audit declared that “we’ve spent a lot of time over the last year getting to know the managed services industry a lot better.” It also acknowledges the acceleration in convergence between the office equipment space and the managed services space, which it predicts will have “a dramatic impact on all of our businesses in the coming years,” and warns that it won’t be business as usual like some companies might expect.

The company explains that this was the motivation for the publication of The 7 Deadly Sins of Managed Services Providers, which it states is its first guide designed with both OEDs and MSPs in mind. It promises a “strong security focus” and a plethora of “useful insights, tips, links for further discovery, and comment from industry experts.”

The free-to-download guide, available here, is described as “a great resource [] guaranteed to have some gold nuggets for you to improve your security practice and to help you separate yourself from your competitors.”

Print Audit’s release statement finishes by adding that the guide is also “a little thank you” to partners and the wider industry, “for letting us take this journey of success with you.”


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