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Tesco awards DCI blue rating

September 20, 2017

Dynamic Cassette International has recently achieved the highest audit rating from UK supermarket giant Tesco.

DCI, the inkjet and toner cartridge remanufacturer, has announced that it has been awarded a blue rating from Tesco, the highest audit rating that can be achieved.

The Blue Rating, which is internationally recognised, was awarded to DCI after an audit carried out by an approved Tesco auditor. During this process “everything from products, processes, materials and cleanliness is scrutinised to ensure that a supplier meets a strict criteria in order to supply Tesco stores.”

DCI’s Health and Safety Manager, Sean Hill, said in response to the rating, “This rating is an amazing achievement for us, and we are really proud to obtain a standard that is only awarded to a handful of suppliers.  Our partnership with Tesco has spanned more than a decade, supplying remanufactured inkjet cartridges, and we are so pleased to continue to be a supplier of the highest class.”

Now that DCI has been awarded a blue rating, the company will no longer need to undergo “the more rigorous annual audit process”, instead only needing to be audited once every two years. However DCI is keen to assure consumers that it will not become complacent as a result, with Hill commenting, “Although we have always been confident in our products and processes, we know how much hard work goes into maintaining such high standards, and the rating is truly testament to the way in which we operate, and the commitment of our staff.”





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