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Tennessee enjoys benefits of refilled cartridges

June 28, 2012

Cartridge World Murfreesboro discusses the benefits of refilled cartridges, including price and green credentials.

Cartridge World Murfreesboro, Tennessee, has discussed the advantages of opting for refilled cartridges in response to a question from a local newspaper reader, reports

In response to the question of whether “[refilled cartridges are] any better than buying new ones over and over”, Kyle McCarthy of Cartridge World Murfreesboro was keen to combat the negative reception aftermarket cartridges sometimes receive: “A lot of people are wary about a refurbished cartridge, but they shouldn’t be. They usually work just fine.”

Office Max’s Nicky Frost also spoke on the testing done on cartridges to ensure they print correctly: “We always test them. Some brands will recognise that a cartridge has been used, so we have to check them first.”

Refilled cartridges are also almost invariably cheaper than OEM cartridges. McCarthy encourages customers to perform price comparison, noting: “Typically the refills are about 30 percent cheaper than getting a new cartridge”.

Frost also provided figures to the comparison: “The black ink costs $10 (€8) to refill and the colour one is $15 (€12). That is a lot less expensive than purchasing a new one from some of the retailers. We also do free delivery for refilled cartridges to businesses for orders over $50 (€40).”

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