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Target engage in cartridge recycling

July 31, 2012

Each individual store may set its own agenda and accepted items, with a Great Falls store participating in glass and printer cartridge recycling.

Great Falls Tribune has reported on the recycling activities of the local Target store which has been recycling a number of materials including printer cartridges for over a year.

Target stores are free to choose which materials are accepted for their recycling scheme, in which materials are ferried back to “urban centres” for recycling.

Bryan Daul, Manager of the Great Falls Target, remarked “I just think it’s the right thing to do” when queried on why the Great Falls store offered the service.

The store’s capacity currently only allows for items that can be comfortably brought into the building and as such is not advertised as a recycling centre replacement, but Great Falls Tribune states that “there are plenty of debates nationwide over the wisdom of recycling, which in some cases costs more to accomplish than simply making something new.

“But recycling does keep items from going into landfills, which helps humanity in the long run. Whatever the arguments, some people are dedicated to recycling and were concerned when the city announced plans to shut down its operation”.

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