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Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Is the oil and plastics bubble about to burst?

September 16, 2020

The week could see the decline of the oil and petrochemical sector...

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Ellen MacArthur Foundation launches Circulytics

January 15, 2020

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched Circulytics, the digital measuring tool which gives...

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Dr Nasr’s new dynamic

November 27, 2018

Dr Nabil Nasr has given a talk and written an article on...

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Businesses sign pact to beat plastic pollution

April 26, 2018

WRAP has launched a “unique collaboration” UK-wide, uniting businesses, NGOs and government...

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Plastic waste recycling initiative launched

January 25, 2018

WRAP has formed a partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to launch...

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