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Synnex Australia makes AU$124 million investment

July 14, 2020

The company has announced a AU$95 million ($65.98 million/ €58.2 million) investment to build a new ANZ head office and automated distribution centre in Melbourne.

The purchase agreement to acquire the 44,000sqm land was signed last week and is in close proximity to its current South Oakleigh office.

Set to be completed in 2023, the new facility in Melbourne will expand on their first automated centre in Sydney (DC1), which was built in 2014 and their upcoming AU$29 million ($20.14 million/ €17.76 million) distribution facility (DC2).

Construction of their DC2 commenced on Monday 6 July 2020, which is on track to be fully operational by September 2021. Designed with a sophisticated data analytics engine, DC2 will deliver an additional 65% storage capacity and a purpose-built configuration centre, capable of handling full-scale services.

“These investments are consistent with our initiative to streamline distribution efficiency as part of our five-year growth strategic plan”, said Synnex Australia CEO, Kee Ong.

“There will be a greater capacity to facilitate business collaboration, focus on providing cloud, IoT and ‘as-a-service’ solutions. Partners can take these to the market, build on revenue streams and incremental offerings for their customers”, Ong added.

Synnex said that by continuing to invest during economic uncertainty, these projects cement its ongoing commitment in the local ICT market, and the economy with the creation of an additional one hundred sales, technical and marketing jobs across Melbourne and Sydney.

Synnex added that its first half of 2020 benefited from the acceleration of digital transformation, with over 30% increase in revenue and profit compared to the same period in 2019.

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