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Sweden opens recycling mall

April 5, 2017

The world’s first shopping centre for recycled products has been opened in Sweden.

Make Wealth History reported that a shopping centre in Sweden – ReTuna Återbruksgalleria – is entirely committed to repaired and recycled goods, combining a “traditional municipal recycling centre with a shopping centre” where people can take things that they no longer require, and then shop for other things in the town of Eskilstuna.

The recycling depot sorts out the goods dropped off, and those that can be “repaired or refurbished” are put to one side for renovating workshops, after which they are put up for sale in “one of the 14 shops” that are a mixture of furniture, technical equipment, clothes, bikes, toys, gardening tools and building materials – everything in the shops is second-hand.

There is also a café where organic food is an option, as well as an exhibition centre and conference room and a “training college for studying recycling”. The centre concentrates on turning waste into opportunity, and has created 50 new jobs in “repair and retail”. Although the city operates the shopping mall, the shops themselves are private businesses, which encourages “start-ups and local artisans”.

The article compared this with recycling centres, where so many recyclable goods are dumped that with repair and attention could be reused, adding that “ReTuna Återbruksgalleria is a living demonstration of the circular economy, a very practical way of unlocking the value in what we throw away, and it’s a project we could all learn from. Eskilstuna got there first, but perhaps one day you’ll find something very similar in your own town”.


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