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Swap Ink outlines benefits of compatible toner refills

May 16, 2012

Only 10 percent of cartridges purchased annually refilled, states aftermarket ink retailer.

Ink retailer Swap Ink has distributed a list detailing the benefits of using refill toner cartridges over new OEM products in a bid to raise awareness of the “side effects of throwing away non-biodegradable products than just the fact that they increase landfill waste”.

Noting that only 10 percent of 200 million toner cartridges purchased annually are recycled, Swap Ink are keen to espouse the position of OEMs, stating that they “are eating up resources and clogging up landfills […] they are made with virgin non-biodegradable resources!”

Refilled and remanufactured cartridges are, however, “made with entirely different motives in mind” and, as opposed to OEM products, are make with recycled parts and urge businesses, schools, home offices and students to use compatibles, resulting in “the more of a positive impact there is that can be made on the environment.

“By purchasing recycled products and then recycling them again after use, printing tasks can be far less threatening to the environment”.

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