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Supplies Wholesalers to host customer party at ITEX

March 21, 2013

800px-Las_Vegas_stripThe cartridge importer and wholesaler’s presence at the event in Las Vegas is aimed at its clients and prospective customers. 

The company, which also operates and is run by the founder and CEO of PrinterEssentials, Bob Wilmes, states that it will be hosting a customer appreciation party on 17 April at the ITEX event in Las Vegas.

The company, which states it has “quickly become the leading toner cartridge importer and wholesaler in North America”, adds that its event will be hosted at the Palms Hotel opposite the Rio Hotel, which hosts the ITEX Expo, with Wilmes adding that “rather than meeting with clients and prospects” at the ITEX event hall “we’ve found this relaxed Penthouse Suite environment to be preferred and more engaging”.

The company added that that Vice President of Sales Bruce Gonyea as well as Wilmes will attend the meeting, which is aimed at clients and prospective customers. Supplies Wholesalers adds that the products it has in stock for the imaging industry in North America includes toner and inkjet cartridges as well as MICRs, wide-format inkjet cartridges, refill solutions and fuser and maintenance kits.

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