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Strong Q1 for Sharp

July 31, 2018

The OEM has published its latest financial results, with the first quarter of the year (ending June the 30th) proving lucrative for the company.

Net sales for Sharp rose 5.4 percent, hitting ¥533.8 billion ($4.78 billion/€4.07 billion), up from ¥506.4 billion ($4.54 billion/€3.86 billion) in the equivalent period in 2017. There was also a substantial rise in ordinary profit, which increased by 23.9 percent to ¥21.2 billion ($190.1 million/€161.9 million), up from ¥17.1 billion ($153.3 million/€130.6 million).

Sharp also saw a great leap in its operating profit, climbing from ¥17.1 billion ($153.3 million/€130.6 million) in 2017 to ¥24.8 billion this year ($222.3 million/€189.4 million) – an increase of 45 percent.

By segment, Sharp’s Smart Business Solutions division saw an 8.9 percent increase in sales, from ¥72.1 billion ($646.5 million/€550.8 million) to ¥78.6 billion ($704.7 million/€600.5 million); the same segment’s operating profit rose by 20.7 percent, from ¥3 billion ($26.9 million/€22.9 million) to ¥3.6 billion ($32.2 million/€27.5 million).

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