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Static Control to hold free seminar programmes in Europe and Asia

March 28, 2014

The largest manufacturer of aftermarket systems and components invites customers to the first free seminar in Lodz, Poland on 25 April.

Andel’s Hotel ?ód?

Andel’s Hotel Lodz

The seminar, to be held at Andel’s Hotel ?ód?, will be the first in a series of 22 “information-intensive” sessions planned throughout Europe and Central and Western Asia this year; with Static Control stating that it is holding the seminar programme as part of its “ongoing commitment to supporting genuine remanufacturers”.

The events, said Static Control, aim to allow customers to become acquainted with their sales representative or technician from the company while learning about new cartridges, components and technologies “in person”; with each seminar scheduled to run for a full day and to include remanufacturing demonstrations by technicians, as well as a commercial presentation concerning “what’s next” for the industry. The company added that the presentations will be translated into the local language.

In terms of content, each seminar will focus on the demands of each particular market and “tailored to suit the region’s remanufacturers”; with Static Control providing the opportunity for all attendees to ask questions to its staff.

Ken Lalley, Sales Director at Static Control, said: “We are focused on delivering a rich customer experience. These seminars are a great way to provide technical education to our customers and keep them updated about new products, industry issues and how to explore new business opportunities.”

He continued: “These events in the past have proven extremely popular. Remanufacturers can discuss challenging industry issues in person, get their questions answered and observe in-depth demonstrations on profitable cartridges that will help keep them ahead of their competitors. With cartridge technology becoming more and more complex, what better way to get to grips with its challenges than face-to-face with our technicians? Plus, it’s a great opportunity for us to learn more about them and the issues they face.”

Static Control said that anyone wishing to see the complete calendar of seminars should contact their Static Control sales representative.

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