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Static Control releases over 75 new products

October 22, 2014

Static Control's toner adder roller for HP's 4600 and 4650 cartridges

Static Control’s toner adder roller for HP’s 4600 and 4650 cartridges

The largest manufacturer of aftermarket imaging systems and components released chips, toners, doctor blades and other products for remanufacturers.

The new products include an Odyssey 2 toner for use in HP’s P2015 cartridges, which was “developed in-house” and “provides improved fusing and higher image density compared to other aftermarket offerings”, Static Control notes. The company added that it had also introduced a replacement toner for use in Canon’s PC330 cartridges alongside Odyssey and non-Odyssey toner options for Epson’s WorkForce AL-M300 cartridges.

Another Odyssey toner release was designed for use in Lexmark’s C736 cartridges, and is a chemical toner “developed in-house to deliver excellent image density while meeting OEM page yield”. Static Control commented that “other aftermarket offerings are pulverised, which can create excessive torque in these cartridges and damage the toner adder roller and developer roller”.

Among other products launched include a universal conversion end plate set for HP’s M476 cartridges, with the “convenient option” allowing remanufacturers to convert the OEM’s CP2025 cartridges for use in the HP M451 and M476 printers, as well as for converting M451 cartridges for use in the CP2025 and M476 machines.

An Odyssey drum was also produced for use in Ricoh’s SP 3510 cartridges, alongside a toner adder roller for HP’s 4600 and 4650 cartridges; a doctor blade for Samsung’s MLT-D101 cartridge; and replacement chips for Kyocera’s TK-1122, 1123 and 1124 cartridges, Xerox’s Phaser 3100 cartridge and Okidata’s B720 cartridge. Static Control also noted that a “multitude” of chips have been made available for “numerous Lexmark offerings”.

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