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Static Control releases cartridge sealing toner packs

October 28, 2016

The Odyssey Cartridge Sealing Toner Packs are for use in HP Inc’s M253 cartridges.static control logo

Static Control, the largest manufacturer of aftermarket imaging systems and components, said that these packs “are a unique first-to-market solution” and are for the remanufacturing of the HP Inc CF400 series, which are used the in M252 and M277 printers. The new series features advanced JetIntelligence technology, smaller chips and a new toner delivery method.

sealing_toner_packsThe Odyssey cartridge sealer toner pack fits and functions like an OEM, and is filled with the ideal amount of toner in a pack that prevents leakage. Just as with OEM cartridges, when the seal is broken in the printer, “it acts as a toner agitator to help improve the flow” which removes any chance of “premature starvation”, which is common when using the “drill and fill” method, which is “a popular method among remanufacturers”.

The toner packs are available for A cartridges, and X toner packs will be released soon, while the traditional bottled toner is also available. Static Control was “first to market replacement chips for the M252 cartridges” last year, and chips and toner, an Odyssey drum, wiper blade, end felts, foam, sealing blades and replacement end plates are available, providing everything required to remanufacture these cartridges with similar OEM page yield and image quality.

If remanufacturers are having difficulty acquiring empty cartridges, there is a non-OEM compatible replacement cartridge available.

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