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Static Control launches new toner hoppers

November 13, 2019

HP Inc’s Colour LaserJet M252

The company announced new toner hoppers for use with cartridges used in various HP printers.

The latest launch from Static Control includes toner hoppers for use with cartridges used in the HP M254/M252 series devices and used in the HP M452/M454 series devices.

Static Control said: “These hoppers provide remanufacturers with lots of conveniences. Unlike previous remanufacturing solutions, these hoppers allow for proper post-testing of cartridges. Also, using Static Control’s solution is far easier than traditional remanufacturing of these cartridges, which are sonically welded. Remanufacturers no longer have to waste time for adhesive to dry or to worry that damage will occur to the empty during the tedious process of opening the hopper.” 

The toner hopper is specifically designed to hold and properly disburse the appropriate amount of toner and provide high-quality prints from start-to-finish, the company added.

And as an added bonus, Static Control explained: “If you use the 254 hopper on an A cartridge, the cartridge capacity turns to an X.”

If you would like to learn more about the above or any other of Static Control’s products, please visit

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