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Static Control hosts successful seminar in Portugal

December 4, 2012

Aftermarket manufacturer and supplier reports seminar was “huge success”.

Static Control has announced that it recently held a seminar in Fátima, Portugal that has been deemed a “huge success”, with those in attendence representing two-thirds of the country’s cartridge remanufacturing industry being able to benefit from the company’s technical expertise and showing “strong support” for the session.

Driven by the region’s demands, the seminar saw technicians give four technical demonstrations which Static Control says covered several of the most popular colour and monochrome cartridges. A comprehensive market overview was also provided, with the subject of colour remanufacturing and its role in the aftermarket being of particular focus; along with current legal issues, OEM activity around the industry and the use of virgin versus non-virgin empty cartridges.

Javier Gesualdo, Unit Business Manager for Spain and Portugal at Static Control commented: “This was an opportunity to reconfirm to our customers Static Control’s full commitment and support to our market, and most importantly, that they will need to focus on new ways to maintain a sustainable business. The only way to do so is to be smart, which means we must rethink current work practices, avoid legal issues and invest in the future – and that future is in colour.”

Discussing Static Control’s objectives for the future, Gesualdo said: “Seeing a bright future in genuine cartridge recycling, Static Control will continue to lead the industry through its investment in R&D, manufacturing and distribution of products needed by cartridge recyclers worldwide. Bringing these solutions to market, respecting the intellectual property of others and meeting the technological challenges the OEMs present will remain our number one priority.”

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