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Static Control collaborates with Russian distributor

June 17, 2016

The largest manufacturer of aftermarket imaging systems and components worked alongside its official distributor TEKO in Moscow.sccaward

The two companies collaborated at the fifth Business Inform Expo in Moscow, Russia from 24 to 26 May, where both met “face-to-face with customers”, and showed off new products as well as “discuss[ing] the latest innovations”. Two of the company’s staff made presentations at the event as well, with Distribution Manager for Eastern Europe, Sophie Lillie, presenting Innovation, quality and consistency, opportunity, recapping “the most recent developments at the company”.

In turn, Static Control’s Toner Development Manager Patrick Livengood spoke about “advances in low-melt toners for new colour and monochrome printer/MFP applications”, showcasing the company’s development process for toner and “what the future will bring”. The company was also presented with a ‘Focus on Quality’ award at the show.

Juan Carlos Bonell, Static Control’s Vice President of Distributor Markets, stated: “We wanted to share our experience and our dedication to working with remanufacturers and imaging providers to develop the products that are needed and requested. Each new product offers an opportunity for businesses to save money compared to OEM supplies and expand product inventory. We take quality seriously. The steps that we take to deliver a quality product are unmatched in the industry so to be recognised for this is an honour.”

In turn, Livengood commented: “With the fuser temperatures being lowered in many printers, it is important for the aftermarket to be able to develop high quality, low melt toners. In 2015, we achieved this when our team launched the first polyester CPT set, PolySphere, and we are planning to release several new color and monochrome PolySphere formulation throughout this year.”

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