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Static Control awarded circuit replacement patent

April 20, 2012

Patent 8160474 awarded to remanufacturer for “systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components.”

Patent database USPTO details that Static Control has been assigned a patent for the modification of a cartridge’s “circuit holding structure” in order for it to hold a “replacement electronic circuit”, thus allowing the cartridge to be reused in a compatible printer.

Lynton R. Burchette and William E. Thacker of Static Control, Sanford, NC are listed as the inventors of the patent, which was filed on 9 March 2011. The patented process involves “replacing the electronic circuit with a replacement contact element; forming a replacement circuit holding area by removing at least a portion of the imaging cartridge; and attaching a processing unit to the imaging cartridge at the replacement circuit holding area, wherein the processing unit is communicatively connected to the replacement contact element”.

Drawings explaining the patented process can also be found on the USPTO website.

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